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12/25/98 12:33:46 PM
Newsday review
one whale of a tale.

12/25/98 12:21:28 PM
St. Louis Post-Dispatch Review
the end to this two-hour story is a shocker

12/25/98 12:20:45 PM
L.A. Times Review
yourself a favor and tune in

12/20/98 10:14:22 AM
an energy that can't be denied

12/20/98 10:08:48 AM
What happened when the makers of an acclaimed wrestling documentary got slammed in a high-stakes cable grudge match?

12/20/98 10:05:00 AM
truly a knockout film.

12/20/98 10:03:27 AM
St. Paul Tribune Review

12/18/98 8:40:58 PM
Chicago Tribune Review
astonishingly compelling

12/16/98 11:24:27 PM
What to Watch

12/16/98 11:22:53 PM

12/12/98 11:28:22 AM
Scoops Review
brutally honest view of what goes on behind the

11/19/98 5:02:56 PM
IAN BROWN, writer/broadcaster
it could be the best documentary I've ever seen.

11/19/98 4:04:31 PM
Toronto Star review
Had me surprisingly pinned to the sofa for 90 minutes. Not only is this a finely crafted, feature-quality entertainment, at once character study, action movie, sports thriller and romance. Great entertainment . . it's a knock out"

11/16/98 11:26:58 PM
Montreal Gazette review
the two
best hours to be found anywhere on the schedule this weekend.

11/16/98 11:20:02 PM
Ottawa Citizen Review
a tale as bizarre as Kafka and as tragic as Shakespeare.

11/16/98 11:08:52 PM
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets Review
an uncompromised insight into the business like no other film or
program done on the wrestling business.

11/16/98 11:08:52 PM
Broadcast Week (Globe&Mail;) review
a compelling story masterfully told.
Like great art, its essence lies not in the subject matter at hand, but in the
universal themes that drive it - loyalty, betrayal, jealousy, revenge.

11/16/98 8:34:20 PM
Calgary Sun says...
"It is less a story about revealing the secrets behind professional wrestling than it is about humanizing the folks who earn their paycheques in and around the squared circle"

11/14/98 8:50:59 AM
Canadian Press says...
Documentary an insightful look at Hart and his world

11/13/98 11:48:54 PM
Vancouver Province Review
Frankly, there's not a dull
moment in the 93 grueling minutes of film.

11/13/98 11:33:07 PM
Globe & Mail Review
Jay's superb documentary

11/13/98 8:58:31 AM
Gala Benefit Picture Gallery Online
See what happened at the North American premiere

11/11/98 4:49:54 PM
Premiere Broadcast Available in Real Audio">

11/10/98 12:37:55 PM
The LAW Broadcasts live from HITMAN HART documentary premiere!

11/10/98 11:00:37 AM
an incredible piece of entertainment.

11/9/98 1:16:04 PM
Solie's Wrestling Newsletter Reveiw
that this is a wonderful film. And I don't mean that
it is a "wonderful film about wrestling", I mean it is a powerful,
amazing documentary

11/9/98 9:16:36 AM
Canadian Broadcast Dates

11/8/98 5:32:08 PM

11/8/98 5:29:09 PM
I must say it's a dandy little movie.

11/8/98 5:26:36 PM
Sometimes a documentary filmmaker just gets bloody lucky, and sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

11/8/98 5:21:04 PM
The film without a doubt is the most candid look into the life of a
pro-wreslter ever presented to a mainstream audience,and is a can't-
miss for all wrestling fans.

11/8/98 10:38:12 AM
Sloberknocker Review
"Necessary viewing for anyone wishing to debate what happened that night in Montreal"

11/5/98 9:36:36 AM

11/5/98 9:33:54 AM
The film is finished and ready for shipping. But, the packaging is not.

10/12/98 11:12:00 PM
Hollywood Hogan says . . .
This movie is a must see.

10/10/98 9:02:44 AM
Sheffield Film Fest says . . .
(a) gripping film ...

10/4/98 10:42:14 PM
Dave Meltzer take two . . .
unless you've seen it at least three times, you haven't really seen it.

9/28/98 1:10:31 AM
Hitman Hart director explains choices

9/25/98 12:09:34 AM
John Powell -- SLAM! Sports - review
Whether you are a Hitman fan or not really isn't relevant. Jay puts a backstage pass in our hands...

9/23/98 10:33:07 PM
The A Channel says . . .

9/23/98 12:49:28 AM
Greg Oliver says: New Hitman video on the mark
the best documentary ever done on pro wrestling...

9/20/98 11:32:31 PM
Hades Wrestling says ...

9/18/98 7:35:15 PM
Production Update
The film has been "picture locked" and is currently in the process of sound post-production

9/18/98 5:48:03 PM
Dave Meltzer,Wrestling Observer Newsletter
... it was a good movie, period."

9/18/98 12:30:36 PM
Dave Scherer, says...
truly fascinating

9/18/98 12:27:41 PM
HITMAN HART Film Opens Documentary Film Festival
Special Report

HITMAN HART wrestling with shadows
HITMAN HART wrestling with shadows
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